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We offer many competitively priced services.  Whether your computers require routine maintenance or complete OS re-installations, we can  help you get the job done. 

On-Call Support
is a service created to provide small and mid-sized business with in-person IT support at a fraction of the cost of maintaining staff or paying traditional office call fees.  For about the same cost of cable TV, your business will have access to trained support professionals. 


What is OCS? 

On-Call Support is a cost effective retainer plan that provides your business with recurring blocks of time that can be used as your business demands. 


Why use OCS?

·         Little problems and minor IT irritations can be managed before they turn into problems which ultimately affect your employee’s performance. 

·         No budget surprises.  Traditional office calls can be very expensive and they are never fully planned or expected. 

·         OCS is open support that is not limited to computers.


OCS lets your business choose the level of recurring monthly calendar support required.  Each hour can be retained at the rate of $75 with no contracts and no strings attached.  (parts & equipment excluded)  For example, if your business demands 2 hours of maintenance over the course of any given month your cost will be $150.  In comparison a standard office call and mileage will exceed $300 for the same two hours.  Retain only what you’ll need. 


I hope you find this service valuable and will gladly answer any questions you or your staff may have. 


Jonathan Laub

Cell: 612.366.1115


* Virus removal * Computer or hardware upgrades & repair * Software installation * Support (on-site and remote) * Training *
* PC Cleaning (physical) * Hardware pickup and delivery service available * Laser Jet repair * Remote (to off-site) backup *