FM2 Fuel Tax Management

If you are required* to file fuel tax returns with IFTA or make mile tax payments, then FM2 is for you. Designed to meet the exacting needs of transportation service bureau managers, FM2 is a powerful PC-based system that rivals any AS-400 system for a fraction of the cost.

-Complete user database with encrypted passwording and user access control.
-Will effectively manage any number of vehicles.
-Data entry is accomplished using the 10-key, not a mouse.
-Multi-User (commercial version) Single-User (small fleet owner)
-Can export data to 'flat files' for use in other systems.
-Tax calculations are based upon rate effective dates.
-FM2 can calculate taxes for multiple fuels and vehicle types.
-FM2 does not require tax matrix updates nor does it discard quarter tax rates.
-Tax rate tables are access protected preventing unauthorized edits.
-FM2 allows for the attachment of late and penalty fees for final IFTA output.
  • Tight reporting produces the data you need to accurately and easily file your IFTA returns.
  • Unlike any other canned software we are proud of the fact that FM2 can get the job done on only 10 reports.
  • In addition to FM2's strong reporting, FM2 also produces a generic IFTA return**.
  • During data entry, FM2 has the ability to create an audit trail to assist validation and tighten data integrity.
  • All reports can be viewed to screen prior to print.